Welcome to The Big Knicker Company

Hello everyone, welcome to The Big Knicker Company.   I started this business 9 years ago in 2011.  I have been passionate about it since the start.

I make knickers and Singlet Tops in Cotton Lycra, Spandex (Lycra), Polyester, Bamboo Lycra and French Terry.  It's lovely quality material.  

I have always worn full brief knickers, but bemoaned the fact that there were only plain or floral coloured knickers for big women.  I love colour and cheekiness and they are sadly lacking in our choices.  

I decided that I was sick of white, bone and black knickers and thought that someone should invent The Big Knicker Company.  I took that thought and ran with it and here we are.  

I make Australian sizes 12 to 26, but having said that, my products have gone all over the world to many happy customers. 

I just wanted to give you the basics for the first Blog and welcome to the land of comfortable, cute, funny, sexy and just plain naughty knickers.  

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  • Michelle

    Do you sell 100% cotton underwear?

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