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Welcome to The Big Knicker Company

Hello everyone, welcome to The Big Knicker Company.   I started this business 9 years ago in 2011.  I have been passionate about it since the start. I make knickers and Singlet Tops in Cotton Lycra, Spandex (Lycra), Polyester, Bamboo Lycra and French Terry.  It's lovely quality material.   I have always worn full brief knickers, but bemoaned the fact that there were only plain or floral coloured knickers for big women.  I love colour and cheekiness and they are sadly lacking in our choices.   I decided that I was sick of white, bone and black knickers and thought that someone should invent The Big Knicker Company.  I took that thought and ran with it and here we are.   I make Australian...

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Materials Explained

I use various stretch materials to make the knickers and Singlet Tops that I make.  Because I make full brief knickers I mostly use Cotton Lycra and Bamboo Lycra.  They are both 95% Cotton/Bamboo 5% Lycra. I like them as real as possible.    I also use Spandex, Double Brushed Polyester and French Terry.  Virtually everything I buy has 4 way stretch.   Cotton Lycra comes in 3 sizes.  Lightweight, medium weight and heavy weight.  I use Medium weight 90% of the time.   Lightweight is quite thin and very Stretchy.  I very rarely use this.   Lightweight wear out faster, as they are thinner and lighter.   Medium weight is basically what it says.  Nice medium weight with good stretch. Just think your...

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Pre-Order Explained

Once every month or so I pre-order material from my fabric supplier.  They put up between 100 and 200 designs for 2 weeks only.  I go through them, photograph the ones I like and because I can only feasibly afford to get 6 or 7 of them at a time, I put up the photos in batches and get the customers to vote on which ones they like best.  That is also their opportunity to put in an order for material that they really like the design of.  Voting for which designs you prefer, really helps me to know what my customers like and, let's face it, the customer must be kept happy.  Happy customer, happy life.  It also helps...

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